There is a Compass....That compass is your heart


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"Remember the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you." ~ Rumi

Dearest Friends ~

Who we are is the real Troubadour and the real Princess, as OneHeart, OneSoul, twinsouls on the Sacred Path together. We are the Ambassadours of the Love and Light as sacred hearts entwine, loving one another deeply, loving the world and everyone in it deeply, within a love that is within a place beyond our sights where love is sure and pure, where our love is beyond infinity and eternity. This love being represented within our rings we wear (wearing one anotherís rings) and the OM symbol we both wear as our vow to one another and to the world ~ we vow to give our all to one another and to the world as our creations individually and together rock this world!

To Love and Be Loved again and again is why we are here. To Love in Oneness Love and a Love of sacred hearts entwine within love relationships. We are the Love and Light to Change the world! We are the Sun Shining the Light....And in that I Am, We Are. We Are the I Am.

As the Princess and the Troubadour, our vow to one another is that this night, this day, this season, and this life, we are aligned in this and are aligned with one another. From Being resonates the doing. A fires very essence is heat and light. We are such a fire. Our logs are as one joined in the same truth, spirit, and song. The Master Artist of all creation also is our partner in our union. Thank you for burning with together me. We vow to give no less than all we are to one another and to all. This is the perfect marriage, the sacred union of heart and soul, body and being. We are this. We promise, we vow to be this unto forever more. Thank you Master Artist for this here given and written and thank you for all you give. This is who the Troubadour and the Princess are each of us as the Troubadour and Princess in divine sacred union within romantic relationship and within all relationships, giving and being this within various ways and means, perhaps more intimately between the Troubadour or Princess that calls to our heart and then also in other ways to the world. This is the Song of the Troubadour and the Song of the Princess as One. So be it and so it is.
~May our hearts be guided by love, and may our songs echo this same heart~

Our mission is as twinsouls, OneSoul with the universe to share the love and light with the world to transform this world into what it already is          
~ A World of Love and Light, Oneness and Peace.

Given In Love ~
Natu and Nenari
The Troubadour and the Princess of the Sea,                Twinsouls as OneSoul
Ambassadours of Love and Light

~ May Your Heart Be Guided by Love, and May Your Songs Echo this Same Heart ~

~Natu & Nenari, Twinsouls on the Sacred Path~