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~Natu & Nenari, Twinsouls on the Sacred Path~


 ~As twinsouls, our mission is also to together and individually bring forth the message of what True Divine Unconditional (agape) Love is through written channelings of messages from the Master Artist through us. It is our gift of love to you, to all in being in service. May it touch, move, and inspire your life into you and we remembering more and more of who we are, which is Love. Please enjoy such below with our Love~

~Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi revised by Nenari, Princess of the Sea ~

Master Artist, I am now an instrument of peace.
Where there was hatred, Love is now a reflection of me;
where there was injury, compassionate pardon now is and resides;
where there was doubt, faith is within me and given freely;
where there was despair, hope flows through me effortlessly;
where there was darkness, only the Light of Love resides and shines;
and where there was sadness, joy is a fountain of beauty overflowing my being to all

Oh Master Artist thank you for granting me with infinite possibilities of consoling all through the inner knowing of Love. Inspiration and upliftment through right seeing touches lives in knowing all is healed already and always.
For it is in and through giving that we infinitely receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is within inner knowing that we are free from ever dying, that we are the eternal        Light of Love which is life. Amen. So be it. It is done.

~Other Prose and written words of wisdom through Natu and Nenari~

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