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~Natu & Nenari, Twinsouls on the Sacred Path~


Sacred Path, where lovers danceÖ.there is such a Sacred Path. In which true love, a love that is unconditional, is experienced between sacred hearts entwining within that same love. Such is the experience we share together as twinsouls

We are our own twinsouls within yes within the balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within first always. And then from that within in outward expression the Divine love relationship then emerges in physical form as that reflection as you are then a magnet to one another and twinsoul relationship is the same soul encased within two physical forms who come together for the purpose of being as two whole, perfect, complete, and balanced beings within to SHARE that completeness with one another in relationship and for the benefit of humanity. Some twinsouls take on that form within the Divine unconditional romantic love relationship and the unconditional love of all, some just take on the unconditional love of all. Some take on busting illusions and others have other purposes depending on soul agreement and such.
There are also some challenges too as this is no ordinary relationship by any means. Twinsouls compliment each other, in other words where each of your strengths compliment one another in harmony and melody with one another and with all of life.

Twinsoul relationships (and all divine soulful love relationships) are about two beings seeing and being as whole, perfect, and complete as they are and choosing to share that completeness with another. It is a relationship about giving to one another from that whole perfect and completeness that you are within you, lifting one another up into infinity and beyond this, it is a give/give relationship where you both are coming from a place of desiring to give to the other and love the other freely, unconditionally, and lovingly continuously and then taking that giving that you give to and with one another until it overflows from within you and out to the world giving your gifts to the world to benefit humanity. Because after all it is really you giving and loving you. You giving yourself to you once more as you are the same soul encased within two physical forms. It is a you meeting you and you loving you.
This love starts from within loving yourself in physical form and seeing yourself as whole, perfect, complete and beautiful as you are and then loving another (your twinsoul who is really  you anyhow) seeing him/her as whole, perfect, complete and beautiful as he/she is and then choosing to share your completeness with one another and with the world. This is a VERY SOUL and SOULFUL based relationship and not just your typical earthly relationship. Earthly relationships are based upon having needs met and that the other somehow makes us feel whole and complete. Earthly relationships are all about let me give so I can get something in return and whatís in it for me and what can I get out of the relationship. Twinsoul relationships and real deep soulful fullfilling relationships are about the first thought in your heart being what can I give to this one I love and cherish? Wayne Dyer has a quote from his movie the Shift in which he says this "When you get it is not all about you, that you want more for another than you want for you, THAT is God realisation". There are no secrets in this relationship, everything is out in the open in opening your heart and showing who you really are. Everything you think  you know about relationships are challenged because this relationship is about Divine True Unconditional Love rather than earthly based needs being met relationships.

Precognisance Awareness of one another (through dreams, visions, and other synchronistic occurrences that either or both of you may be unaware of or aware of before first connecting physically)
Recognition and Temporary Spiritual Awakening

Runner Dynamic
Self Realisation, Illumination, and Radiance
Reunion in Physical and Harmonising

For a more indepth view of the Sacred Path of Twinsouls and of our journey within this as well, please see our videos and books on our books and videos page and also our writings about the twinsoul journey and more in our prose section
Sacred Path Twinsoul relationships are you as you, the same soul encompassed within two physical forms, thus you share the same soul. Thus, you may feel the same things at the same time, experience the same things at the same earthly time, know one anotherís heart deeply and intimately beyond words or expression. You know one anotherís thoughts and feelings, feel one another in this life, in other lives so deeply and also from deeply and infinite from a place that is beyond space and time, in the time before time, in that place that is beyond our sights where love is sure, where nothing nor no one can divide. You telepathically, energetically, and spiritually connect, talk, commune and/or communicate in ways that are beyond earthly and then at the same moment also can be earthly as well. There are all sorts of experiences and beautiful things that go with this. Much like physical twins here on this earth, you may even look alike physically and in other ways as well.
In twinsoul union there are four bodies that are to be remembered as melded together as One ~ The spiritual (or energetic or astral as it is also known), the emotional body (which is also known as the heartspace or the heart body, the feeling body), the mental body (which is that of the intellect or mind), and the physical body or the physically being together. There are also 8 stages or phases of the Sacred Path of Twinsouls and those are ~