There is a Compass....That compass is your heart


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~Natu & Nenari, Twinsouls on the Sacred Path~


There is but one place I can come to
for respite, for peace
for love, and for soothing
and that is the music
It soothes my soul
and gives light to my heart
it frees me to be
to just be
when all else seems to be
just a stirring of madness
when I have nowhere else to turn
I simply flow
and dance
and love
in a song
We as twinsouls have been and are within the dance of the Sacred Path twinsoul union together. The best guidebook within the twinsoul relationship is your own heart. And also this website is designed to assist you and all of humanity on the journey of the heart. That said, there are still moments within going through the stages/phases when it is a long road that we have to walk and sometimes we need a hand. Please know that as we are dancing in twinsoul divine love, so too are you with us and we are here for you. We can assist you on the journey of the Sacred Path if you so choose us to guide you. If there is any way we can assist you on the journey within the twinsoul Sacred Path, within loving yourself, and/or anything else within music, message, and love we can give to you in BEing in service and ON purpose within our mission, please feel free to connect with us via our Connect with Natu & Nenari page as we do provide Sacred Path Twinsoul Mentoring sessions. And also see below for our upcoming events in which we can connect with you through these means as well.

~Sacred Path Twinsoul Events~

(coming soon, stay tuned)